Dissemination Action (27 and 28 Sept): Ground Penetrating Radar in Archaeology

GEOSERVICE company, with the support of the European Action COST TU1208 (Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar) organizes one dissemination Action in order to demonstrate the use of the GPR method in Archaeology.

The 2 days event will take place in the National Garden of Athens and especially in the Roman Mosaics of the Ancient Roman Villa "AMALIA" in 27 and 28 September 2016.

Day 1: 27 Sept 2016.

Subsurface exploration methods

We apply the latest geophysical methods in the market for the service of our clients, using up-to-date instruments and software. Our main concern is to provide accurate models of the subsurface to support the highest design needs of our clients and partners.

Downhole video inspection

The Downhole video technology started in the 1980’s. Today is the ultimate tool for the cased well inspection to identify serious problems related to the water production the condition of the well screens etc.

The technology is relatively simple and consisted to the insertion of one underwater video camera into the well, lowering the camera from the top to the well bottom with a parallel recording of the interior.

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GEOSERVICE presents the state-of-the-art geophysical methods in ALPHA TV